Flying Scotsman Productions Inc.

( 8 2 8 )   719 – 9070   office
( 8 2 8 )   2 6 2 – 1 1 8 2   fax

4 8 3  H W Y  1 0 5  E x t.
B o o n e,   N C   2 8 6 0 7

Flying Scotsman Productions Inc. studio is located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina just outside the town of Boone, North Carolina. Movies such as “Last of the Mohigans”, “The Green Mile” and “The Winter People” were filmed in this area because of the Cinematic value of the scenery.

The company’s goal is to produce high quality movies utilizing actors and crew from out of the mainstream to assist the industry in its growth and give the actors and crew the opportunity to show their talent to the world. By attending seminars, post graduate classes in sound, cinematography, pre-production and post production and advanced editing and lighting lectures, etc we can reduce cost while enhancing value. FSP attends the National Association of Broadcasting convention as well the American Film Market each year to stay abreast of the latest developments movie marketing in the laterest technology in the industry.

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