Alexander Jamieson

8a2205b68a posterAlexander Jamieson was produced by Brad Batchelor a Filmmaker and Doctor of Chiropractic in Boone, N.C. over the last 10 years.

Against the odds of survival WW1 1914-1918 the first American flyer’s in the Lafayette Esquadrille risk everything for honor and conquest. The adventurers momentum does not end when the ravages of war and lost friends is over. As sought after International undercover agents in the 1920s two X WW1 pilots are taken by the first narcotics division of the U.S. Treasury Department to fight the international Opium trade, their way. From a life of war and assassinations retirement is the ultimate goal. No rest for the weary when the local Civil authorities intermixed with the Klan and its bigotry lead that retirement into revenge through the mountains and rivers of North Carolina. From biplanes to Model A’s and guns “Alexander Jamieson” moves from 1914 to 1932 during turbulent times of Asia, Costa Rica and the mountains of North Carolina.
A.J. was Shot in natural light across the U.S., Costa Rica, Malaysia (Southeast Asia) and in the sky with real locations early in the last century’s challenges.
Filmed at the beginning of the Digital Revolution and ending final post production in 2019 only a few months ago it is representative of how filmmaking has evolved in the last 15 years.

Director Biography – Brad Batchelor

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Flying Scotsman Productions, Inc. newest project is Alexander Jamieson and was written produced and directed by Brad Batchelor A Doctor of Chiropractic and CEO of Flying Scotsman Productions Inc.
Since childhood Batchelor has been involved in movie making and obsessed with movies in general. Spending time with a 8mm camera since his very early childhood years to vhs cameras etc it was only natural to take advantage of the latest digital technology as an adult. Since playing a cavalry officer in the Mel Gibson film, The Patriot, and spending time with crew and analyzing the whole process behind the scenes, watching over the shoulders of the director Roland Emmerich and Michael Mann and producers as they controlled The Patriot and Miami Vice starring Jamie Fox and Colin Farrell he made a commitment to add the profession of filmmaker to life. “Working by Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, and great actors like Chis Cooper have been motivating to say the least.”
Batchelor says’, “At no time in movie making history has technology changed the way moving images are captured and edited. For the past 5 years since writing the original story and digitally filming around the world 2017 was the year that it all came together. In the latest completed production the”Alexander Jamieson”story moves from the WW1 Lafayette Esquadrille French flyers around 1916, to fighting Opium traders in the 1920s, to challenges with racial abuse and murder in the 30s.”
As an actor in independent and major productions he was allowed to connect with some of the foremost authorities on pre and post production technology. His capabilities were enhanced by learning from editors, cameramen, cinematographers and sound engineers. By attending many post graduate seminars such as Shane Hurlbut’s ILLUMINATION, RED CINEMA advanced classes of REEDUCATION, using tudors in producing, editing, watching hundreds of hours of valuable tutorials, learning Cinematography, high definition camera work, light and sound study attending the American Film Markets and classes in Santa Monica California, attending the National Association of Broadcasting Conventions in Las Vegas coupled with his business experience he has excelled in the demands of movie production.
Batchelor relates well to actors and crew due to his experience in both areas. He has been involved in a variety of activities and sport such as Triathlons, Karate, Polo and Aviation. These skills have allowed him to use these action skills as he starred in Alexander Jamieson. His experience in life blends well into putting together the ingredients to create a real movie with real props on a tight budget. Batchelor says “you have million dollars to spend you will spend a million. You only have a cigar box full of money and you will make things happen and everyone wants to help. CGI is great but what is wrong with reality.”
Batchelor has created a streamlined and simplified crew with high tech equipment to speed filming that has taken advantage of the moment and maintained a momentum of accuracy in filmmaking as well as the ability to travel internationally. “Time is money and I have valued both.”
Digitally acquiring moving images edited on MacPro Computers, the Hp Zbook WORKSTATION and the new Zbook Z840 and I MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro Suite and Premier Pro Suite has made the creative process affordable and of high quality. Along with great lenses Digital Filmmaking has been made possible outside the Holiywood studios over the last 15 years by the use initially of cameras such as the Panasonic Hvx200/Redrock, Panasonic GH2 and Gh4, and recently the GH5, Canon 5D Mk 111, Canon 1Dx, GoPro5 and famous Red Epic. Batchelor also is a professional still photographer enjoying filming NFL football and Super Bowl Photographer. Presently he is finishing up Post Production on the sequel to Alexander Jamieson.

Director Statement

My favorite saying is from a Phrase from “Kingdom of Heaven”:

“What man is a man who does not make the world better”
Qualis est vir qui mundum non meliorem reddat?

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